قدرة الله فى خلقهMilk and honey are unique in that they come from a source that one would think is not positive. The general teaching around this is that we have the ability when we eat certain animals to elevate sparks of Light from them. However, the sparks within some animals are so concealed that we wouldn’t be able to elevate them, and as a result, would actually be pulled down if we ate them. Therefore, there are certain animals we eat and certain animals we don't. The animals we eat have those sparks of Light we can ingest and elevate from.

We don't eat bees because they do not have sparks of Light that are pure or elevated enough for us to be able to ingest; yet, we are allowed to eat their honey. And  science agrees, that milk comes from the blood, meaning that the nutrients needed to make milk come from the blood supply. Yet, while we are not allowed to ingest blood, we are allowed to ingest milk. So, these two – honey and milk - are unique in that their source is not something that is spiritually right for us to eat. Why, then, is it okay to eat them? And even more importantly, because we know everything of a physical nature has an indication of a spiritual source, what is the secret of these two things?

We can provide you with the spark with Quran wisdom inside milk and honey to elevate your spirit and soul and heal yourself .

Second is actually transforming the situations from darkness into Light.

We do this during times when things don’t go the way we think they should. It is then when we need to not only just accept it, but be joyful in it, because we know it is how the Creator wants it to be. Every single moment is exactly how the Creator wants it to be, and therefore, when things aren’t going the way we want or think they should, we accept it with complete joy, remembering it’s from the Creator.

Milk and honey are the two indicators, the two spiritual sources, that teach us this concept; taking something we can't elevate, and making it into honey or milk. the secret for any one of us who truly wants to do the work to bring a change to our world and transform darkness into Light. Our work should not be focused on bringing Light.


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