Here I am

Holistic: The place where conscious meets cash, and ambition meets inner peace , the space in which all beings and ecologies are considered by asking questions like , How will this make them feel ? Who will profit ? Who pays ? where does this come from ? where do my thoughts go ? The bridling of intense desire with intelligent strategy ; ruthless compassion .

To summarize my bio,I finished my Bachelor degree in modern languages from university of Jordan , where I pursue my studying in psychological areas in the Middle East region and Europe undergo a mind structure building from my beloved father ; the eldest member of the Jamoukha clan in Jordan Colonel Ahmad Kuchuk ( Kwishikw ) Yismeil Yislham Mertaze Muhemed , my Life mentor , let his soul rest in peace .

His passion and mission in life to let me figure out how universe work and to get the best out of it , taught me during my 30 years a bit of his  wisdom on how to appraise humanity and love all creatures , and much more

Trained with a solid mentors and spiritual mentors who evolve my soul and my knowledge where I can initiate my own life journey , assisting people , upraise their awareness , and educate them how to love life and abandon all negativity .

Love Life and unleash your happiness, every one deserve it.

Training received

2001 – Practical spiritual training


2004 – HUMAN EVOLUTION /emotional intelligence

2005- Culture awareness

2006-2007 – leadership concepts and life matrix

2007-2008 Quran wisdom – interpret some of its endless wisdom

2008 – Religions concepts and conflicts

2008- Marketing concepts and planning

2009 -2010 – undergo spiritual training in Middle East Region

2010- Receiving from King Abudullah II project management system and life cycle – university of Jordan

2013-2014 Reiki intensive courses with Mother Nature level 7

2014 – Stones revelations

2015 – Art of Living

2015 – Communication skills and parenting

2015 – Voice therapy

2015- Water therapy Techniques

2015 – Honey therapy sessions

Spiritual training

-          2013 – A journey of wisdom

-          2014 2015- Reiki life journey

-          2013- Stone therapy

-          2015- Art of living

-          30 years of intensive training by Colonel Ahmad Kushuck ( Jamoukha ) – let your soul rest in peace

Training workshop

-          Multiple training in Jordan , Egypt , UK , and middle east region

-          Training workshop in government sector ( Marketing and communications , protocol skills )

-          Body language interpretation

-          Face diagnose

-          Voice frequencies


-          Individual consultancy through middle east region

-          Private sessions consultancy


-          Undergo publishing a life pattern book 

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